6 Tips for Planning Your next 6 Months as a Recruitment Consultant


As an experienced Recruitment Consultant, you’re likely to be ambitious and have a goal to improve, be promoted and probably earn more money – to do this, you will need a plan. This blog is perfect for recruiters that want to plan ahead and achieve their recruitment goals in 2019.

It’s nearly the half-year point and we are firm believers in time management – see our previous blog on getting more organised with your time here. June is a really good time when working in the recruitment industry to take a breather, assess what you have achieved so far this year and plan which steps you will take in the next six months to ensure you have a successful year! Take a look at our tips below on how to do this:

1. Review

Look at your figures! At ATA we conduct quarterly reviews which consist of Recruitment Consultants and their managers taking a look at their KPIs and what they have achieved in the last 3 months. Following this, a plan of action is created for the next quarter to ensure that they are on track for success. If your workplace doesn’t do that with you, you should definitely consider doing it yourself. It’s important to understand where you are and to recognise your strengths and address your weaknesses to improve and continue your success.

2. Be honest

Nobody likes to admit to themselves (or anybody else!) what their weaknesses are, but it’s really important to self-reflect and identify where you can perform better. Doing this allows you to plan your areas of improvement and tackle your weaknesses head-on, ultimately making you a better recruiter.

3. Don’t be complacent!

Complacency is something that catches so many recruiters out. If your first six months have been amazing, don’t rest on your laurels! This doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate your successes, but it’s easy to assume that the success will continue, and we all know that recruitment is a rollercoaster. Make sure that you know what your input needs to be so that you can keep working at the same rate (or even better, a higher one!)

4. Keep in touch

Keeping in touch with your candidates and clients may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but it’s a great time of year to be looking back at the placements you’ve made in the first half of 2019 and ensure that you’ve checked in with them. You’ve already had success with these people, so make your job easier by maintaining these relationships and it’s this (alongside new business efforts) that will maximise your chance of success. Job seekers are more likely to come back or recommend friends if you provide them with a great experience and this easier than constantly attracting new candidates!

5. Develop your recruitment skills

Even the best recruiters need to learn! In fact, most successful recruiters are the first to recognise a skill they can develop and go about doing so (maybe that’s why they’re the most successful recruiters?). At ATA Recruitment, our training programme is ongoing, which means that our Consultants continuously add to their skillset. Not all recruitment businesses offer this, but there are a number of online resources that can help. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a great recruitment blog for tips and insights – view our favourite recruitment blogs here.

5. Keep your end goal in mind

We know it’s cliché but having a good idea of what you want to achieve will help you to push forward and hit your targets. Without a real goal in mind, it’s easy to just continue at one level and not necessarily strive for better. This can be both career or personal objectives, so whether you’re saving for a holiday, or wanting to achieve your next recruitment promotion this year, keep these goals in mind!

The above tips are sure to set you up for a successful second half of the year, so make a note, put them into practice and reap the rewards of planning ahead.

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