The Best Recruitment Blogs to Follow in 2019

The best recruitment blogs to follow in 2019

Recruiters understand the need for training and development; whether it is personal or professional. In fact, it is not only recruiters that are calling out for this; a recent article in The Independent details how two out of three people in the UK changed their jobs because of a lack of training and development opportunities.

We recognise the importance of development, and our Talent Acquisition Manager, Rachael Bailey, has compiled a list of blogs and online resources that she uses to stay ahead in recruitment:

I bet that as a busy recruiter it is very easy for you to focus on the (many!) tasks at hand that fill up your day, leaving little time to improve your sourcing speed, business development approach or negotiation skills. The best way I combat this is by reserving small pockets of time reading blogs which really target what you want to improve. I read them on my commute to work, in 5 min gaps when I am waiting for a phone recruiter call, or at night in front of the TV. They keep me updated on what is going on in the sector but also develop my recruiting skills. As part of my mission to help recruiters, I read a number of recruitment blogs and use them in my Recruiter Hacks newsletter.

The below recruiting blogs tackle a number of recruiter “bugbears”, enabling you to improve your skillset in recruitment best practice, hiring tools, recruitment sales techniques, understanding and getting the best out of the ever-changing world of social media and adding value to your clients through attraction, engagement and retention – and many, many more topical subjects that will ultimately help you be a better recruiter! Simply click the blog name to visit the website.

Social Talent

Social Talent provides a variety of blogs across a number of recruiting sectors, for both in-house and agency recruiters. They upload great content and I have found their LinkedIn tips to be very useful! Social Talent also provides a lot of recruitment techniques which are great for either refreshing your knowledge or giving you new ideas and a new approach to the way you recruit.

The Undercover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter is a go-to site for me! Not only does it have some fantastic articles about recruitment best practice, but it also offers insights into employee attraction, engagement and well-being to help retention, something which your clients will undoubtedly want to hear about. Their marketing advice is brilliant, and they often speak to industry experts who have valuable and time-saving tips to help you.

Barclay Jones

Barclay Jones are a recruitment-specific consultancy focussing on recruitment tech and digital marketing best practice, who give insightful advice on how to make agency recruiters and staffing companies more successful. Using a lot of imagery, videos and sound, they share a lot of hacks and advice which will help you attract, engage, convert and place candidates and clients. Unlike a lot of other bloggers, they are experts in recruitment CRM systems too, and so share data-related tips which, if followed, will make you more effective – and profitable – in your role.

The Indeed Blog

The indeed blog has a combination of quick reads for both in-house and agency recruiters, with ideas that are very easy to action, and more thought-provoking ‘bigger picture’ blogs. As a well-known name in our recruitment sector, they are well-placed to offer advice and hacks on a variety of different topics such as new technology, how to spot great CV’s, advice on Brexit and much more! I find that they provide a good overview of what is happening in the industry and give some great advice to recruiters who want to bill more and overall be more effective.

Recruitment Grapevine

I have been following the Recruitment Grapevine blog throughout my career. The blog is informative, relevant and fun! It often incorporates recruitment trends such as hiring tools, salary advice and relevant news within the industry, with topical, trending subjects to help me improve my recruiting skillset.

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