Average Engineering Salaries in the Midlands Report

Average Engineering Salaries in the Midlands

Whether you’re an employer wanting to recruit engineers and gain a better understanding of average engineering salaries, or an engineer just wanting to ensure that your salary is in line with the average, this report is perfect for you.

We’ve been recruiting in the engineering sector for over 50 years, and in this time have developed a thorough knowledge of the marketplace through both experience and data analysis, helping our clients to achieve fast, simple and effective recruitment.

During conversations with our clients, we’re often asked what the average salary is for the role they’re trying to fill. We are also often surprised by how many of our candidates aren’t aware of whether their salary is above or below the average.

Average Engineering Salaries in the Midlands Report

Using our own data from thousands of placements made over the last 12 months, we decided to publish this report to answer one of the most common questions that arise during the recruitment process – what are the average salaries in engineering? Whether you’re advertising a single job, or recruiting in high volumes, it’s important to know what salary to offer.

Starting with The Midlands region, we’ve removed any guesswork and taken a look at the true salaries offered by our clients to our successful candidates placed into engineering jobs. The report includes an overview of the engineering marketplace and answers the following questions:

  • The average Maintenance Engineer salary
  • The average Quality Engineer salary
  • The average Design Engineer salary
  • The average Engineering Manager salary
  • The average Internal Sales salary
  • The average External Sales salary
  • & many more average engineering salaries

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The report will open in a secure PDF format that you can either view online (web and mobile) and save for future reference. Click the button below to open the document in a new window. If you’re looking for an engineering recruitment specialist to support your business, or help you to find a new job, you can also contact us here.
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