Rolling Stock Jobs: What’s the Typical Career Path?

Rolling Stock jobs what is the typical career path

This infographic is perfect for those considering a rolling stock career, or those already in a rolling stock job that want to know what their next promotion could be. We’ve outlined the typical path of a rolling stock career, and although the specific job titles will vary depending on the employer, the responsibilities will remain the same.

View our infographic below for more information on what’s involved in each stage of a rolling stock career, and a brief overview of requirements and responsibilities.

Where can a rolling stock job take me?

Rolling stock jobs typical career path

Rolling stock jobs

Jobs in rolling stock engineering include Technicians, Testing and Commissioning, Electrical Fitters, Mechanical Fitters, and more senior positions such as Production Managers and Engineering Managers.

Rolling stock makes for a perfect Ex-Military job. If you have previous engineering experience in The Forces, and want to know more about a career in rolling stock and the opportunities we have, contact us below. If you’d prefer to browse our available jobs, use the button below.

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