Rolling Stock Recruitment: 6 Ways a Consultant Can Help Your Business

Rolling Stock Recruitment

Rail is growing at a rapid rate and orders for new rolling stock are at an all-time high. Leaders in the industry predict that thousands of new, state of the art trains will be rolling off production lines over the next 30 years.

This surge in demand means effective recruitment and hiring the best talent is imperative for rolling stock manufacturers. Recent figures by REC estimate that a bad hire could cost a business over £100,000 in wasted training, lost productivity and increased staff turnover. The same report revealed that 40% of employers admit that their interviewing and assessment skills could be improved.

The significant cost of a bad hire and the increasing importance of meeting production demands means that there’s little room for mistakes in the recruitment process. Utilising the services of a rolling stock recruiter could be the solution for you. Here are some of the ways a Recruitment Consultant could help your business:


1. Access to the talent

A specialist rolling stock recruiter has access to a talent pool that would not be readily available to your business. As well as an exclusive and extensive database, a percentage of candidates are referred by existing connections within a recruiter’s network. These ‘passive’ candidates are not actively job-seeking and therefore would not be applying to your roles internally.


2. Dedicated time

It’s estimated that employers only commit 5% of their time to recruitment. This can make the process slow and mistakes more likely. A recruiter does all the leg-work and dedicates 100% of their time to finding the right fit for your business.


3. Thorough assessment process

A recruiter really gets to know their candidates, not just their work history or salary expectations, but their motivations and values. A candidate is more likely to be honest with a recruiter than with a direct employer and this level of assessment reduces risk. A reputable recruitment business will be so confident in their screening that they will offer some form of guarantee.

4. Collaboration

A recruiter will familiarise themselves with your business, including plans, environment and core values. Getting to know both their candidates and clients allows a recruiter to make the perfect match to benefit both parties.


5. Market Knowledge

Do you know what the average rate is for your advertised rolling stock job? What about which other industries are great for transferable skills? A specialist recruiter will have a wealth of knowledge on market conditions within rolling stock and can make valuable recommendations that will ultimately benefit your business.


6. Urgency

If a vacancy is business critical and turnaround needs to be quick, a recruitment business can accommodate this without compromising on quality. We have managed to place rolling stock engineers into roles on the same day, or several within a week for the same client.


Looking for a new hire?

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