Smart Motorways Jobs Near You in 2019

Smart Motorways Projects and Jobs Near You in 2019

We know that long commutes and working away can be frustrating, and it’s often hard to find the perfect civil engineering job on a project close to home. There are a number of exciting opportunities to work on the Smart Motorways Scheme, and you may be closer to a project than you realise – keep reading to find out more.

What is a Smart Motorway?

Highways England’s Smart Motorway projects continue throughout the country in 2019 (and beyond). Aimed at relieving congestion and reducing accidents, the Smart Motorway Scheme includes adding more than 4,000 miles of extra capacity to the existing road network. Hard shoulders will be opened during busy periods, and in some cases will be permanently converted into a traffic lane to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and reduce journey times.

Figures published since the first Smart Motorway opened in 2006 show that journey reliability has improved by 22% and personal injury accidents have been reduced by more than half. Because of this success, upgrades will be taking place throughout England over the coming years.

Smart Motorway Locations in 2019

If you’re looking for a civils project closer to home in 2019, the Smart Motorways scheme may just be the right one for you. The coverage of the project means that you may never be too far from a site, and a number of these upgrades are happening in 2019, including:

North West:
• The £250 million upgrade of the M62 between junction 10 (Croft Interchange) and junction 12 (Eccles Interchange)

West Midlands:
• The £335 million upgrade of the M6 between junction 13 (Stafford) and junction 15 (Stoke on Trent)

• The £156 million upgrade of the A1(M) between junction 6 (Welwyn Garden City) and junction 8 (Stevenage north)
• The £373 million upgrade of the M1 between junction 13 (Ridgmont) and junction 16 (Upper Heyford)

South East
• The £244 million upgrade of the M27 between junction 4 (the M3) and junction 11 (Fareham)
• The £164 million upgrade of the M23 between junction 8 (Merstham) and junction 10 (Crawley)
• The £92 million upgrade of the M20 between junction 3 (M26) and junction 5 (A20)

Smart Motorway Jobs

ATA is recruiting for the Smart Motorways scheme and many other civil engineering projects throughout the UK. If you’re a Civil Engineer and interested to find out more about Smart Motorway jobs, click the button below to search our civil engineering jobs.

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