Why Easter is a Great Time to be Talent Sourcing

why Easter is a great time to be resourcing

As the Easter Bank Holiday approaches, our Talent Acquisition Manager, Rachael Bailey, has been reflecting on how the long weekend actually poses a great opportunity for forward-thinking Recruitment Consultants to get ahead of the competition. Read Rachael’s blog below:

Why Is Easter a Great Time to be Resourcing?

Most people working in recruitment will spend the Easter break with their friends and family, eating, drinking and generally having a well-deserved rest! While I 100% believe that you should enjoy this time to refuel and switch off, I am also a firm believer that putting a couple of hours aside during the Easter period to continue to resource candidates will set you apart from your competition and ultimately make you more successful!

Less competition

With fewer recruiters working over this period, you will have more access to candidate CV’s online and as they are also likely to be spending less time at work themselves, you may find it easier to get hold of them. If you don’t want to disturb them during the Easter break, even by lining them up ready to call on Tuesday morning, you will still be ahead of the curve and will be one of the first calls they receive, as your competitors are still just reviewing their CV.

Access to more candidates

Easter weekend is a prime time to advertise, so it is worth refreshing all your adverts and ensuring they are put out throughout the weekend. With less people working, jobseekers will spend the time looking for ideal new opportunities and even those that are more passive, may think while they have a break it is worth seeing what is out there. Again, if you can contact your top ad response then great, but if not, reviewing your ad response and scheduling calls will allow you to reach these candidates before other recruiters have even turned on their computers.
Finally, continue to post regularly on social media, as again, with this extra free time on their hands, potential candidates are more likely to scroll through and see what is going on. Social Media postings on sites such as LinkedIn dramatically lessen over Bank Holidays, so your posts are more likely to be seen by clients and candidates and therefore people are more likely to contact you – great for business development!

Jobs in Recruitment

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