5 Telltale Signs of an Excellent Recruiter

5 telltale signs of an excellent recruiter

Recruiters are all money-hungry robots with only their interests at heart, aren’t they? Not quite. This is just one of the stereotypes that decent recruiters are fighting to overcome.


A recruiter should spend real time getting to know you and learning about your professional and personal circumstances. By developing a genuine rapport, it allows a recruiter to identify a good match between both candidate and client requirements. This process eliminates guess-work and results in a great experience for all parties.


If you received a phone call from a recruiter, would you know the telltale signs of a good recruiter? How do you decide if they’re the right person to help you find your next role? We have compiled a list to help you.


1. They know more than the job spec

How to spot good recruiter - job spec


A good recruiter will know more about the business and the role than what is written on the job specification you’ve seen. The salary and job details are clear, but you should want to know about the culture and the people you’ll be working with. Is it a growing business? Why has this role become available? Your recruiter should be able to answer these questions to give insight into the business culture.


2. They are interested in you

How to spot a good recruiter - Interested
You should be asked questions about your previous roles, skills and what you’re looking for in a new role. Personal preferences such as desired salary and commuting time should also be discussed. Recruiters will want to build a rapport with you to ensure they can match you to the right job, and discussing these details will help you both.


3. They are honest and transparent

How to spot a good recruiter - honesty
If your preferred salary is significantly higher than the client will offer or if your experience isn’t quite enough, you should be told. A good recruiter would not want to waste your time.


4. Regular contact

How to spot a good recruiter - Feedback


A recruiter should give you an idea of when they’ll be able to provide feedback. Whether this is after submitting your CV, or after an interview. There will be clear expectations set of how long you’ll need to wait before you get an update. You should never be left in the lurch or find yourself having to chase.

5. Continued Service

How to spot a good recruiter - regular contact
You’ve been placed in a job, great! The recruiter has served their purpose. However, you should expect a call after you’ve started your job asking how you’re getting on. A recruitment consultancy providing a good service will want to know that the placement has been a success and that you’re enjoying your new role.


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